Immediate Technical Support for Cost-Effective Smart-Sourcing Solution

Estrella Innovative Solutions in Rock Island, Illinois, offers smart-sourcing solutions to let your company enjoy productive resources. We assist with everything, from localized technical support and equipment purchasing, to network configuration as you establish your remote office.

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Innovative Approach
Our approach combines the benefits of outsourcing and insourcing. Through smart-sourcing, we have seen savings that range from a quarter to one-third of comparable U.S. resources and more than half of normal contract rates. 

Benefits of Smart-Sourcing:
• Establish a Remote Office
• Hire Qualified Personnel
• Establish the Productivity and the Target ROI of Your Company
• Create Teamwork among On-site Staff and Remote Employees

Engaging Remote Personnel
We offer a guided visit to your remote office. This way, you can engage your personnel with team building experiences and as a result, make them feel part of your organization.

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