Estrella Innovative Solutions in Rock Island, Illinois, offers IT consulting services that allow businesses to expand their operations beyond their local sites. Here’s what one of our clients has to say about our solutions.

“Estrella resources, highly experienced in .NET, have converted a client server application to a web-based application from an antiquated Windows-based platform to a .NET multi-tier web-based application utilizing Silverlight™ and Infragistics™. This platform uses the latest MVC architecture utilizing JSON objects to create a rich user interface that is able to handle complex business logic as well as offer the performance expected from a windows-based application.

Estrella website project testers have done both Black Box and White Box testing. Testing documentation is better than what I have seen for most off-the-shelf software. We have professional-grade documentation for all of our web service calls that make it easy for programmers to become productive in applications that they have little or no knowledge of. User or business testers only have to do high-level review of functionality rather than detailed testing, which they are not equipped to do.”

- Norm S., CIO, Illinois Casualty Company - Rock Island, IL

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