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Expand your business through smart-sourcing and achieve growth without spending much of your capital. Our smart-sourcing solution combines the control achieved with insourcing and the lower cost realized with outsourcing.  


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Experience the huge difference that Estrella Innovative Solutions offers when it comes to web-based solutions. Read this testimonial given by one of our satisfied customers for more insight on the advantages of getting our services.


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At Estrella Innovative Solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with qualified personnel located within North America and incorporating them into your organization. To learn more about our work, you may go to our FAQs page.

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Estrella Innovative Solutions offers specialized outsourcing IT consulting services that are designed to help clients set up their remote office. Based in Rock Island, Illinois, our wide range of services include software development, network administration, and application testing. Apart from technical support, we also handle budget management. We offer a personalized solution to let you have full control over your services.

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